History of Clanwars

First Clanwar:

- Was on 31 October [Helloween]

- 19:00 GMT +1:00

- in WildCat TeamServer

- vs. 0a


Bloody_Gµn, Bloody_Jin, Bloody_Scroach


-=)0a-Hidan, -=)0a-Arashi, -=)0a-Deidara

Text about Clanwar:

Arashi blame it all on the lag and insta's. We have only one lag - Scroach. His Ping sucks because he gets a new DSL. The other laggs - the admins and spectator of the server. It was a nice fight - When we fight again?

Rounds: Every round to 20 Points für any Team. First Team who gets 20 Points wins the part.

Matchwinner: Bloody Clan (Won with 3-0)

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